Pony & Pup Photography | Introducing our new Brand Ambassador - Lizzie Robinson

Introducing our new Brand Ambassador - Lizzie Robinson

May 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Brand Ambassador Update!

Thank you to everyone that applied to become a Pony & Pup Photography Brand Ambassador - we were absolutely overwhelmed by the response! Thank you for all of your interest and support and sorry that we couldn't get back to you all individually. We have now selected our new brand ambassador and even found time to take a few photos!

Welcome to the team

We are extremely excited to announce that the latest of our new Pony & Pup Photography brand ambassadors to join our team is none other than Lizzie Robinson of Ponies & Prosecco! We are really excited to be working with Lizzie and we will be following her and Wigs on their journey together this year. We will be there taking photos to share with you all and can't wait to support them. 

Over to Lizzie to tell you a bit about herself:

My name is Lizzie and my horse is called Hazy’s Boy (aka Wigs). I work full time as a Finance Manager in Sydenham.  Wigs is a 15’1hh registered Connemara and we compete mostly in Affiliated Dressage. We are your not your typical dressage rider (pretty sure I have the biggest set of lashes in the South) or horse but we are playing with the big boys and trying to climb our way up the ladder. We currently compete at Novice level but have Elementary in our sites.

We also enjoy jumping, cross country and we are aiming to do a one day event this year. We have a few training sessions booked in to help us get closer to this goal. 

I have owned Wigs for four years and in that time we have progressed a long way from happy hackers that were too scared to pop a trot pole. I started my blog Ponies and Prosecco two years ago to keep a track of our thrills and spills, and it has grown with our confidence. I have met many new friends through my blog and hope to meet more by working with Pony and Pup Photography. I am proud to be a Brand Ambassador for a company whose work I have always admired and who also shares a love of Connies! It is such a privilege as an amateur rider to be given this opportunity and I look forward to sharing our adventures with you all through our monthly blog.

Be sure to follow our social media channels to keep up to date and let us know if there is any particular topic you would like to hear more from us on.


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